How is it that no one recognize the seed under the soil. Kinda reminds you of a person potential. All because they can't see it. Like they didn't see Steve Jobs or even perhaps Kanye West as well. How is it that when the seed starts to grow people just walk by it. Similar of people walking by folks ideas all because of not being a celebrity. It seems you have to make it first for people to help or believe in you. Including family. People tend to walk by seeds every day. Rather then make a connection. Isn't that's what the world is about. Connection. Then it happens. That same seed forms into a plant. A beautiful plant. Everyone takes notice. Everyone admires the beauty so much elegance the plant have. This when people start seeing you grow and they wonder how you got to that point. They only asking because they only see materialistic things, yet not asking what's the Dream. Everyone walks by it again... All in the lime light Some... Don't even return No water... No support... Nothing that can help the plant evolve... How can you believe in God and not believe in me... How can you fall in love with music but can't fall in love with me... That same plant learn to love itself Spreading seed every where... Helping the garden. Garden meaning world. Just because someone doesn't help or support you, that doesn't mean you change your identity. Stay who you are. The best thing to be in life is you. So keep Growing...


We have to make sure we tell our kids why education is so important and not just say get good grades but give them a drive on why it's important base on the society we live in today. Start making investments in your kids life. Like having a desk in their room or perhaps a book shelf. Take them places like Barnes & Noble's and purchase a book. Teach them true investments that will stick life long. If you do have them watch television then try to show programs that have words in them. Most kids contain faster off visual content so why not use that source more on a educational than some music video mommy or daddy wanted to see. It's all about environmental education. Education doesn't start when they start pre-school. Education starts when they are born. 
"Don't give up before you allow the process to work"

No one see the plant until it start to grow. It's like goals and dreams. No one see it until it forms into reality. You feed the plant what it need and it will grow. You feed your life the same way and it will grow. You can NOT grow focusing on negatives. You can not grow focusing so much on the problem. Their have to be a time when you position yourself to focus on the solution. Just because you don't see results doesn't mean you not in the process. DON'T GIVE UP IN THE PROCESS. When the process is meant to shape you right for your destiny.